A correction – Moving was the best thing for both of us

Changing ones living situation really does make all the difference in the world. Even though we have only been living in the new place for four nights, the impact has been drastic already. The other night, coming home from work, making a cup of tea and helping in the fixing of dinner, followed by some light cleaning, a little relaxation, some yoga and then reading in bed was just so much more calming, and relaxing than any night I can remember in months that wasn’t when I was on vacation.

The idea to relocate was not my own, it was my wife’s, and I am very grateful for that. We were both increasingly unhappy with the situation we were in, becoming more and more frustrated by the day. Something had to give, and finally it did. If I was living in the prior place on my own, I likely would have continued to live there, and be unhappy, unmotivated, and generally miserable. I am glad she was instrumental in providing the push to get the hell out of a living situation that was bad, unhappy, uncomfortable and in many ways, a good bit toxic for the both of us.

This move is good, for the both of us, as well as the three kitties. Having more space for ourselves, not being cramped into a tiny bedroom, is just all around, better. Not being badgered with questions, criticisms, of the both of us, as well as criticisms of the cats is something we largely wont have to deal with anymore and I know we are both grateful for that.

There is of course still a whole host of things that still need to be done, a dining table and the corresponding chairs need to be built, as does the bar. There are tons of boxes to flatten and recycle, and a ton of things that still need to be put away, or just thrown away if they are determined to be unneeded. Still, we have made progress, and every day we make a little bit more, small tasks, put away a box of things there, order or buy a needed item there. Whatever we need to make things more livable and functional. Even as much as there still is to do, I know we will do great and do our best at continuing to make the very best of it.

Besides the minor issues so far of moving, mainly plumbing and electrical issues, which as of now have hopefully all been taken care of, we are finally going to be able to get settled, and even more relaxed before we start hosting friends and family, which will likely start around the end of the month.

To me, after living in such a fairly stressful environment for the most of the last 3.5 years, moving out of that environment has just given me such a sudden bit of calming. Being able to come home, kick off my shoes, make a cup of tea or crack open a beer without a series of questions or demands right when I walk in the door is just such a wonderful feeling.

Sometimes moves and changes are exceptionally hard, this one however has not been and I feel incredibly lucky for that. I am glad the final push was a success and that we are one our way to be in a much better, happier place.

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